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How to Prepare for the Home Building Process
You've decided to build your next home, so what's next? Well, let us be the first to congratulate you! You have such an exciting journey ahead. We'...
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What’s The Difference Between a Custom and Personalized Home?
You may be in the process of deciding on a new home, and you're wondering if you should build or buy something already on the market. If that's the...
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Designing Your Bedroom for The Best Sleep Ever
Did you know November is National Sleep Comfort Month? It's true, and honestly, we should focus on comfy sleep every night of every month. Sleep is...
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All You Need to Know About Houseplants!
Plants make people happy. It's as simple as that. And, they've been bringing joy to people for centuries. As a fun fact, indoor plants can trace th...
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How to Get Started Building Your Home with Buffington
Are you interested in building a home with us but don't know how to get started? We're here to help! In fact, we want our process to be so easy tha...
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Introducing A New Way to Track Your New Home Build!
    What's most exciting about the Milestone Tracker is that it will streamline communications for everyone involved and...
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How to Stay Healthy at Home
Inspired by our friends at the American Heart Association, and with a passion for helping people build their best lives in Northwest...
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