Introducing A New Way to Track Your New Home Build!

There are quite a few steps that go into building your dream home, and you can take comfort in knowing our team of sales agents, designers, and trade partners know the drill and are on top of it. They work seamlessly to build homes as quickly as possible while maintaining the highest level of quality and care. And while we've built more than 1,000 homes across Northwest Arkansas over the years, we realize this may be the first time you've built with us – or anyone!


At Buffington, every homeowner is special to us. We're a locally owned company, so we're also neighbors. We want your experience to be as easy and enjoyable as possible. One way we do this is by communicating early and often throughout the build. And now, with the help of technology, our process is getting even better. We're excited to announce our digital Milestone Tracker!


What Is the Milestone Tracker?


The Buffington Homes Milestone Tracker is an online tool that communicates all stages of the build process from contract to close. We have identified 14 key points, which we call milestones, in the overall build. We'll use the tracker to inform you when your home reaches each of these important steps.


What's most exciting about the Milestone Tracker is that it will streamline communications for everyone involved and ensure we're all on the same page as you prepare for your next chapter in life!


How Does the Tracker Work?


Our team keeps a detailed record of the progress of your home. Once your home reaches a milestone, you'll receive a personal email that explains where you are in the overall process.


Each of our 14 milestones has a unique webpage, so your email will include a link to the exact page you need. Because this is an online experience, the information is accessible on your phone, laptop, or tablet. You can also bookmark the links in your browser so you can quickly refer to the pages at any time.


What Makes the Tracker So Special?


Our Milestone Tracker was created exclusively for Buffington Homes and our homeowners. It's fully customized to our process and is full of insights we've gathered over the 40+ years we've been building homes.


For example, in addition to sharing your home's progress, we include a list of "things to keep in mind" and tips to help make each step a great experience. We'll tell you when it's a good time to visit your homesite, when to take photos, and even when to start packing. You'll also find videos and downloads that help further explain each milestone.


When Does Tracking Begin?


As soon as you sign the paperwork from your sales agent, you'll be able to move to the first official milestone, which is your Design Appointment. At this point, you will have selected your community, homesite, floorplan, elevation, and structural options.


As a note, your structural options, such as covered patios, extra bedrooms, and additional garages, are locked in at the time of your contract, so you'll want to be sure to review these decisions before signing your paperwork and scheduling your first design appointment.


Ready to Build a Life You'll Love?


We are, too! We're excited about your homebuilding journey and want you to know we're here every step of the way, working to make this an enjoyable experience. The Milestone Tracker was developed with you in mind, and we genuinely hope it's helpful.


If you're just getting started, the first step to building with us is to select a community. You can explore them here!

build a life you love!

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