Buffington Homes LOVES partnering with Realtors

Important things we want you to know:

1. We don't negotiate differently with customers who don't have Realtors, because we want to protect hard working Buyer-Agents from getting left out of a sale.

2. We love getting to know Realtors, Real Estate Teams, and Brokerage Firms! We want to work together to provide better home products to the Northwest Arkansas home buying market.

3. Our Community Sales Managers work with you to make sure your clients are happy with the process, their home, and their building or buying experience. We provide a team of homebuilding experts so you can rest assured that your customers are being well taken care of.

4. Don't forget to participate in our Realtor incentive program! You can earn money, trips and other prizes!

Download our Realtor Information Packet or reach out to a Buffington Homes representative. We'll be happy to come talk to your office or team about becoming part of our Buffington team!

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