Why Buffington Homeowners Can Expect a High-Quality Home

At Buffington, we want to ensure every home meets our high level of craftsmanship. That's why we select quality materials, work with the best trade partners in the region, and have an in-depth Quality Assurance (QA) process in place led by Steve Lampe. Steve is our quality assurance and safety coordinator, and he's a big reason why the homes we build are considered the gold standard in Northwest Arkansas.


Having a formal QA process creates peace of mind for our homeowners and also means fewer warranty claims. Paying attention to details and taking the right steps to correct issues early on pays off for everyone – and Steve is on it. He's a smart and dedicated team member who loves helping homeowners feel confident and ready for move-in day.

More About Steve


If you're currently building with us, or plan to in the future, you may get the pleasure of meeting Steve on your home site. We recently chatted with him about his role at Buffington and background in construction and thought you'd enjoy getting to know him better. So, here's a spotlight on our very own Steve Lampe!


How did you get into the construction business?


Growing up, my mother worked for a restoration company. She would take me along to keep an eye on me. Eventually, I started going to job sites with the crew and learning different aspects of demo and rebuilding residential and commercial properties.


When I got older, I started my own handyman service company in Denver, Colorado. At that time, I did a lot of studying and continuing education to formally learn the trade.


In 2006, I became a full-time general contractor while still doing handyman jobs. I hired up to 20 individuals over the years and specialized in bathrooms, kitchens, basement build-outs. Our team also built a few custom homes. I've always enjoyed the customer service side of things and making sure homeowners are happy with the way things turn out.

What certifications do you have?


Over the years, I have acquired many certifications, including IIRC, ADA, Residential and Commercial General contractor, and OSHA. I have also taken city and state inspector courses. In 2001, I attended EMS school and even went on to become a paramedic.


What does a construction quality and safety coordinator do?


Construction quality comes down to the finished product and how it presents. I look at homes at the completion stage and find small imperfections so they can be addressed and corrected prior to the homeowner taking possession. During the construction process, other inspections are performed to ensure the home is built correctly and to the standards Buffington has established for all of their homes.

What's your process for inspecting homes, and why is it so important?


Buffington Homes uses an app-based platform tailored specifically for our daily operations and QA process. When I first started working here, we implemented this technology and went from inspecting approximately 90 items per home to closer to 300 items. We review more items more thoroughly, which makes a difference to the overall quality of a home.


My role in the QA process allows us to obtain consistency in every house we build and deliver the best value to our home buyers!


What makes Buffington standards higher than other home builders?


Our team. Buffington Homes has assembled an incredible team of experts and trade partners from many different regions. We use our experience and knowledge to work together and create a better home and value for families across Northwest Arkansas.

What's one thing you'd like our homeowners to know about how you inspect homes?

When I inspect a house, I don't necessarily look at it from a builder's point of view. I look at it from a homeowner's point of view. I make sure things are in place and look correct. Ultimately, I want families to feel proud of owning a Buffington Home. I want them to feel comfortable knowing it has been looked over inch by inch and confident that one of their biggest investments was built to incredibly high standards.


What do you love most about your job?


I love a lot of things about my job! There are some days I wake up before my alarm at 4:30 a.m. and can't wait to start the day. I get to see different homes from each subdivision and interact with many people on a daily basis. I get to see beautiful homes coming to completion and people who are happy that they were able to achieve their goal of homeownership.

Do you have any hobbies or special interests outside of work?


My hobbies include remodeling my own home, raising horses, goats, and a few cows. I try to spend time in the camper, boat, and with my family. We also volunteer at a small, local church near our home and are involved in community services. I believe in investing my time in the community when and where I can.


How long have you lived in Northwest Arkansas?


We moved from Colorado to Northwest Arkansas in 2016. I closed my business and took a step of faith to move where my wife's father and brother live. Moving to NWA has helped us escape the hustle and bustle of big city living and reset our roots and values for a better quality of life.


Steve, thank you for helping us get to know you better, and for all you do for Buffington and our homeowners. We agree that Northwest Arkansas is a perfect place to reset your roots!

ready to build a life you'll love?

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