How Neighborhood Amenities Can Make a Valuable Difference

There are many features inside a home that add instant value, such as a large kitchen, open floorplan, and lots of natural light. What you may not realize is that just beyond your property line there are things that can also make a significant impact. We’re talking about neighborhood amenities. 
Community parks, pools, green spaces, walking trails, local schools, and proximity to shopping and entertainment all make a difference to the value of your home – and quality of life for you and your family! 
At Buffington, we build homes for all stages of life. So, when we plan our communities, we make sure there’s a little something for everyone – including your furry family members.
We consider both tangible and intangible amenities. For example, a tangible item could be a fun dog park, while an intangible item is how close you are to work or good schools. At the end of the day, they’re all important because they provide three valuable benefits to homeowners.

1. Amenities Provide a Sense of Community

neighborhood playground
You’re not just building or buying a home, you’re also becoming part of a neighborhood. Most people want their community to feel warm and welcoming, and a great way to achieve that is to get people outside their homes. Having common areas and gathering spots like playgrounds and pools make it much easier to meet neighbors and make new friends.

2. Amenities Encourage an Active Lifestyle

Outdoor activities are known to greatly improve physical health. Having access to recreational areas like tennis courts, walking trails, and even large green spaces for yoga or a game of frisbee can be powerful for living a healthier life. That’s why it’s valuable to live in a community that offers plenty of activities right down the street. And, when that community is located in Northwest Arkansas with hiking trails, lakes, and gorgeous rolling hills to explore, it’s easier than ever to get out and play.

3. Amenities Increase Resale Value

Buffington Home
While you can’t imagine selling your home after you’ve just moved in, there’s a chance (in the distant future) that you’ll need or want to move. When that time comes, having a home in a great location with plenty of activities, good schools, and opportunities to meet neighbors can help you sell your home quickly. 
Also, many homebuyers understand you can always change up a house, but you can’t change the neighborhood. Because of this, having great amenities can ultimately help boost the price tag of your home.
neighborhood pool

A Little Takeaway

With all of this in mind, it’s smart to evaluate a community before you buy or build a home. Ask yourself what kind of life you and your family would like to have. Think about the activities you’d enjoy doing together in your new neighborhood and use that list to guide you.

Buffington Homes has plenty of communities in Northwest Arkansas to choose from – all with fantastic amenities. If you’d like to explore, ask questions, and see some homes for yourself, give us a call! We’d love to take you on a personal tour and introduce you to a community you can truly treasure.
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