Whether you're ready to build or just dreaming about your next new home, we have a fun summer activity in store for you! With the help of our designers and the talented team at Howse, we're launching our first Buffington Summer Design Challenge.

Over the course of this 6-week challenge, which begins on Monday, June 22, you'll get to design five specific areas of a home. When you share your inspiration on social media and tag us, you'll be entered to win a $1,000 gift card to Howse! We supply the tools, and you bring the dreams. Keep reading for details.

How to Play Along

When it comes to designing your home, the planning stage is very important. So, our designers identified five areas of a home that have the most options for you to choose from. Those areas are:

1. Exteriors

2. Colors

3. Kitchen

4. Owner's Retreat

5. Fireplace

Each week of the Summer Design Challenge, we'll unlock a design packet for you to download from our website. Each packet will correspond with the list above. For example, week one will be "Exteriors."

Once you've downloaded a packet, it's time to get crafty! Print and cut out each of your design options. These are your planning tools. Mix and match all of your options until you've landed on the perfect combo.

We suggest gluing or taping your selections in a journal for safekeeping. If you're building a home with us, bring this to your design appointments to inspire your meetings. If you're still in the dreaming stage, hang on to this for when you're ready to build.

Another Way to Get Packets

If you don't have a way to download and print packets, feel free to stop by any of our model homes. We'll have packets printed and available to share. Just look for our "information" boxes located right outside.

Get Exclusive Content & Ideas

Want some inspiration to elevate your design ideas? Visit our Summer Design Challenge page and sign up for our weekly emails. We'll not only alert you when new packets are ready, but also share exclusive videos from the designers at Howse. You won't want to miss out on these bonus tips.

How to Win!

While designing a home is fun and rewarding all on its own, if you'd like to be entered to win a $1,000 gift card to Howse, just follow these steps:

  • • Snap a photo of each "mood board" you create from the design packets.
  • • Tag us on social media & include #BuffingtonSummerDesignChallenge in your post caption.
  • • Like & follow us      @buffingtonhomes on Instagram and      @buffingtonhomesofarkansas on Facebook.
  • • That's it! You'll be entered to win each time you post.

The Big Reveal

A LIVE drawing will be held on July 31st at 2 pm on our social channels. Be sure to mark your calendars & tune in. Until then, visit and bookmark our Summer Design Challenge page to download packets each week. And remember to sign up to receive weekly email reminders.

We hope you have fun and dream big. A life you love is waiting!

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