Do you really need to hire a realtor if you're building a home?

working with realtors
If you're building a new home, chances are you're selling one, too. There can be enormous benefits to using a licensed realtor to help you through the entire process from the moment you put a for sale sign in your yard to the moment you're holding a key to your new Buffington home.

In fact, we think there are at least five reasons to have a realtor by your side.

1. They're connected. Realtors typically specialize in a town they know like the back of their hand. Through their personal connections and access to real estate listing tools that go beyond services like Zillow and Trulia, they can help families find hidden gems. And if you want to sell your home fast, that gem could very well be yours. So, listing your home with an agent should be step one.

2. They know the drill. Buying and selling a home usually requires loads of technical documents, reports and disclosures. Realtors know how to wade through the paperwork with skill and efficiency. They're well-versed and trained to speak the lingo, and they have the ability to keep you from making an unintentional and costly mistake.

3. They can help you protect your investment. Agents are able to look at a home from a dollars and sense perspective without being swayed by emotions. So, as you're negotiating the sale of your current home, or even making decisions about your new build in terms of what features have the best resale value, your realtor can help provide sound advice.

4. They're your Switzerland. Building a home can feel intimidating. At Buffington, we do everything we can to make the process as simple as possible and have a knowledgeable sales team to answer any and all questions. We also understand that with such a big purchase, sometimes you want an outside perspective. A realtor can provide an objective point of view that helps you make decisions and connect the dots with our sales team. We love working with realtors and acknowledge their role, which is what leads us to our next point.

5. They're compensated by Buffington. Because we appreciate realtors and encourage families to work with them, we agree to pay the buyer's agent fee at closing. That means if you come to us through your realtor, we'll cover your agent's fee so you don't have to. We also pay the listing agent's fee, as well.

In the end, having a licensed agent can benefit you greatly and help you feel confident throughout the entire process. Hopefully, this information makes it an easy decision for you and your family to hire a realtor as you sell your home and build the next exciting chapter of your life.

If you're a realtor and would like to learn more about Buffington Homes, give us a call at 479-251-1106 and ask for Laura. We can walk you through our "Behind the Build" session and get you signed up to receive emails of our most current inventory!

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