We're excited to announce the installation of NterNow locks on all of our model homes across Northwest Arkansas. This instant access system offers a new way for you to tour a Buffington model home on your own, without the need for an agent or scheduled appointment time. That means if you want to stop by right after work or during an impromptu Sunday afternoon house hunt, all you have to do is use the NterNow app to unlock the door. No need to peek in the windows or come back another day. This on-demand technology allows you to access our homes from sun up to sundown - as often as you'd like. How handy is that?



  • Start by      selecting a Buffington community that interests you, and locate the model home address at the bottom of the page.
  • When you've arrived at the home, look for the orange NterNow sign. Download the app or call the number located on the door sign.
  • Next, you'll verify your identity and receive a one-time-use access code to punch in the lock. Turn the knob and start your tour.
  • Simply close the door behind you when you leave. The door is already reset to lock. It's that easy.


Want to visit another home? You can select other NterNow properties in the app and create your own tour of homes.


Why Is Buffington Offering This Service?


Simply put, we think you'll love it! According to Zillow's New Construction Consumer Housing Trends Report, 59% of new home buyers prefer to tour homes in person before making a purchase decision and 64% agree it would be easier to self-tour homes on their own time. 


We're all about making our home buying process easier, and that starts with touring our models. The convenience of not having to schedule a tour, the ease of accessing our homes at any time, and the ability to tour a home without feeling even a twinge of obligation make this an ideal way to shop for a home.




We figured there would be a few additional questions about this new technology, so we've listed the most common ones below. Feel free to bookmark this article in your browser so you can access these answers at any time.


Where do I access the mobile app?

Depending on the type of phone you have, you'll download the app from a specific location:

How do I use the NterNow app? 

After you've downloaded the NterNow app on your mobile device, follow these steps:

1.     Login with your username and password

2.     Enter the property ID located on the door

3.     Type in the one-time code provided on the app and hit "enter"

4.     The door will unlock


Can I see how the lock works before visiting a model home? 

Yes! Our team recorded a video that shows step-by-step how to use the NterNow lock.

What if I'm having issues with the app?

Feel free to call the number located on the NterNow sign on the door for assistance.


Do I have to use the mobile app?

No, if you'd prefer, you can call the number located on the orange NterNow sign on the front door and speak to one of the friendly operators. You'll verify your identity, and they will give you a one-time, instant access code to the home.


What hours does NterNow operate?

Access to our homes is available every day from 6 a.m. to dusk - including holidays. 


Is a home with NterNow secure?

Yes, NterNow's patented lock and well-honed process keep the home secure as you tour. Safety measures include: a new code needed for each use, daylight use only, user's identity is confirmed, auto-locking in 15-20 seconds, and users need to be in proximity to home.


Buffington Homes has been a locally owned home builder in Northwest Arkansas for more than 40 years. We pride ourselves on building affordable luxury homes that people can enjoy for years to come. As a potential new homeowner, we hope you find this innovative way to tour our homes convenient, stress-free, and fun. To get started, simply find a community and drive on over. Here's to building a life you'll love, starting with a tour you'll adore!

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